Discover how we help local businesses

Get in touch if you would like your local business to become more visible to the public seeking your products or services.

We help local businesses to become visible to anyone searching for their products or services by optimising their online presence and reputation. This ensures a steady stream of enquiries and improves the chances of their website being found, if they have one.

We don’t do Websites or Content Marketing and are keen to work with Webmasters and Agencies who have Local Businesses as clients.


Our methods work for any local business whether or not it has a website.  A local business can be anywhere in the world but will be either Premises-based meaning that customers come to it, or Trades-based meaning that it serves customers on their premises, or it could be a combination of both.

Thomas Olesen

Founded by Thomas Olesen, an experienced Consultant who previously managed Sales, Marketing and Technical Support Teams in early stage start-ups right through to a large PLC, MyLocal has now established a client base of small and medium sized businesses primarily in East Anglia.