New Customers become Existing Customers who become Loyal Customers

New Customers

To attract new customers to your business, you need to be giving a consistent message with a clear product offering across as many channels as possible.

Competitive Reports
Our software tracks how your website is performing compared with your closest competition across the leading search engines. This enables us to see where you are doing well, but equally, where we can make improvements to get your business to be the first one that customers will see.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search engines are the way most new customers find companies (i.e. your website) online and if your website is not being browsed then it’s not adding value. But what many people don’t realise is how expensive it is to organically rank a website and how you can easily rank using local (as opposed to organic) search methods.

In our opinion most local businesses waste large amounts of money trying to improve their search engine rankings organically. Instead we use only high ‘return on investment’ activities such as inputting clear and consistent information across all influential directories using open source tooling.  That enables our clients to ride on the coat tails of high authority sites that already rank well and that are designed to help customers find businesses like yours.  The result being measurable improvement for minimal cost which in turn leads to better business results.

Lead Capture Workflows
We work with you to implement systems for your business to increase its circle of influence through collecting lead data. This is a way for your business to effortlessly stay in touch with potential customers who have an interest in your services thereby increasing the chance they will become a paying customer.

Existing Customers

To turn existing customers into loyal customers, you need to build community around your business and keep your services front of mind. Build community first, monetise second.

Building Community
Building community has always been an essential part of local business success and, very often, local businesses become the focal point of local communities. Today’s consumers are digital and this offers new opportunities for local businesses. In fact, with everyone connected through channels such as social media, it has never been easier to generate and serve a community.

Consumer Profiling
Just as each business is unique, every customer is also unique and will therefore be attracted to a product or service in different ways and for different reasons. These different consumers often display similar behaviours and therefore can be divided in to groups. A simple example of this could be a restaurant may choose to segment between men and women and target men with images of protein heavy dishes whereas possibly images of lighter menu options could be more effective with women. We work closely with our customers to understand their customers and work backwards from there.

Collecting and Using Feedback
Wouldn’t it be great if your customers just simply told you what to do so that they would buy more from you? And also, wouldn’t it be great if rather than you telling new customers how great your product or service is, you simply got existing customers to tell them for you? That is the power of reviews and our software leverages reviews to the max! It helps you collect more reviews, automatically shares positive remarks across your digital community and crucially recognises negative remarks so you can keep it private and act upon it. Through this service, you attract more new business, increase loyalty of existing customers, improve your service offerings and turn a leaving customer into a returning one.