We have mentioned in our comments elsewhere that consistency is important online. This makes perfect sense as the same applies in the offline world. But there are areas on the internet where inconsistencies can arise without your knowledge and this is where the importance of monitoring comes in. One area we have mentioned is citations … Read more

Video Marketing

Video is now an extremely important form of content for any business because it is easy to consume and can impart information more effectively than the written word. To that extent, we can include audio here as well. Video services have improved dramatically in the last few years and are now an integral part of … Read more


Many people would equate Ranking with Visibility but it is not quite as simple as that. It is easy to build a website to rank for a specific keyword or phrase and most website developers do that quite well. What many do not accomplish is ranking for a wider range of keywords or ranking in … Read more

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of providing and distributing new information about your business online. It is unrealistic to expect that your online visibility will improve without fresh action being taken. Websites can be built by specialist website developers but without fresh content, they will fail to rank beyond perhaps a particular keyword or phrase … Read more


Citations are often mentioned as being important in building trust with search engines and they can be particularly useful in helping an unknown business to appear higher in local search results. What is a Citation? The concept pre-dates the internet but the concepts are similar. A bibliographic citation is a reference to a book, article, web page, or other published item. … Read more